Sunday, June 20, 2010

What About Summer Hats?

Summer is here and the beach is a must.  Problem with fun in the sun when you have a bald head?  You gotta wear a hat!  After seeing my baby with a big flower on her head for the last 14 months, her little sunhat just didn't seem fabulous enough.  I threw her headband on top and it did the trick.

What do you think?  Are your wheels turning...I thought so!

Quick, go get that plain old summer hat and add a flower!

Oh my!  The sweetness is more than I can handle!

See how easy that is?  Just pop the headband around the hat for instant cute.  If your baby won't keep her headbands on, this is a great opportunity to get some use out of them!

If you take a cute photo of your dolly with a flower on her hat (or doing anything else cute, really) Please send it to me!  I love to see the creations in action!

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