Saturday, November 13, 2010

Come Check Out The Pretties

I will be at the Lutheran School/Church Craft Sale today, Saturday November 13 from 10-4.

Here is a little taste of the latest pretties.  Most of these are designs that I brought to the Craft Fair last weekend and they all sold out!  If you love anything you see, you'd better act fast!

Friday, November 5, 2010

A Quick Preview!!

Hi friends!  I am busy creating but I wanted to take a quick break and post a few photos of some of the new flowers.

These are taken with my computer so they are not spectacular photos but I hope you can get an idea:)

I will be in Winfield on Sunday from 10-3 at the Christmas Craft Show!!  Come stop by if you can.

I will also be at a craft fair the following Saturday the 13th from 10-4 at the First Lutheran School's Craft Fair.  You should come!!!

Golden Beauty

Little White Bling

Vintage Christmas

Deluxe White Bling

Christmas Love

Rose Beauty

Little Rose Pretties

Golden Poinsettias 

Little Red Pretties

Remembrance Day Never Looked So Good!

Contact me if you are interested in stopping by.  I am stocked with all the basics and I have a lot of gorgeous Chirstmas-time pretties to coordinate with your fancy outfits. 

I would be happy to meet you at your playdate or ballet class if you and some friends would like to see the selections together.  Just call or email me and we can set something up!